You shall never catch me..

..for you love the chase just as much as I do.

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Well there was a minor cut of friends, simply because I dislike the idea that I don't quite know who's reading my journal, or then because we aren't really in touch in any way. I'd appreciate if you removed me from your lists as well :) 

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(Deleted comment)
pfft I wouldn't, you're one of the people whose journal I read the most :) *hug*

Thanx for not cutting me too! I know I haven't been on much the past week or 2.

Thanks for keeping me. :)

Tankies for keeping me! -hugs-

No ofcourse not :) You can still read my rambles, duh? ? ;)

oh that's a shame, i always enjoy reading you, it's just that i don't have internet right now so i don't post/comment alot haha :) but i will remove you if you want!

yeah, please do come back when you have more time, I wish I could have been reading your stuff as well but it felt pretty weird since I had no idea about you really :)

hey, i finally have internet back, so i was wondering if i could add you again? if not that's fine, i'll remove you from my list :)

hello hello ! i have been away but you know I love your journal... I'll update later today :)

Hey I have to keep my best dieting friend close, right? ;)

Thank you for keeping me too! -hugs-

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